Taking on clipboard manager development ... anything I should know?

I’m not 100% sure whether or not I need to officially touch base with anybody in particular or register anything in an “official” capacity. I’m not really familiar with how the dev community works under Budgie.

I was looking for something related to the default Budgie clipboard manager, came across a post here and learned that there wasn’t one. That same thread also happened to mention that somebody had abandoned one and that a developer to take it back up is currently being sought.

So I volunteered and forked the project: Budgie Clipboard Manager

So I guess - my question is - is there anything I need to know or anything I need to do? Or is it enough that I’m working on it?

No need to do anything more than just volunteering. Thx for taking up the challenge.

Feel free to drop progress reports here, or questions if you are a little stuck/unsure.

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