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Applet: Show clipboard contents in budgie-panel


Every time before I copy or paste I find myself pasting the clipboard to chrome’s URL bar. It would be really useful, if I could see the contents of my clipboard in the panel.


In the meanwhile, if you use plank, you can add the “clippy” docklets to manage your clipboard.
A right click on its icon will show the history of the clipboard.


I use clipit which is available in the repositories. It is an appindicator that appears when you run it.


Thanks for the suggestion, I am now using clippy aswell, but for me it would be better to have it always shown.
In the future I may look in to making it myself.


I had an idea: dump the contents to sysmonitor’s applet.
There isn’t a good way to get contents of the clipboard, but xclip -o dumps the output to terminal.
When adding xclip -o as a sensor to sysmonitor, sysmonitor shows {No output}


RasmusKallas, look at CopyQ features which allows you to have a window of the clipboard history in the foreground, with opacity settings and many others options