Task List Applet / Icon Task List Applet Behaviour


I’m trying to use these applets to emulate my typical Windows set up. I prefer having a taskbar that has the full title of the tasks, rather than just the icons. The task list applet almost gets me this, but it has a couple of niggles that I’d like to try to fix.

Once you open a certain amount of tasks/apps, it ends up running off the end of the taskbar and stuff ends up hidden. In Windows, it would usually start to shrink the button sizes so you saw less and less of the title, but it would never push anything off the edge. Is there a way to alter this behaviour to make this more usable? I’ve gone through all the options and can’t find anything.

Secondly, I tried the “Icon Task List” applet too, and I like how you can right-click and “favourite” some apps so they stay there after you close the app. However, for some reason, Brave browser doesn’t have the option to “favourite”. It only has “Close all”. Is there a workaround here, can I manually add an entry to a config file somewhere to make it stay?

Thanks a lot!!

Yep - upstream Solus are aware of this long running issue. They do recommend not using the task list applet but instead using the icon list applet. My personal opinion is that they should just drop the task list applet since it really is just broken. Ho hum.

In terms of brave - I’m not sure - its not a browser I use.

Thanks for the info =) What are my options - are there other taskbar-like things out there that I can just install and use, or do they come as a complete package with the desktop environment? I tried to look up what happens if you install other desktop environments to try out (e.g., the classic Ubuntu one, Mate, etc), and the advice ranges from “It’s fine, knock yourself out, just change it on the login screen” to “There may be conflicts, not recommended - you might get away with 2 at most”. That makes me reluctant to go try messing with it without some pointers.

Thanks again!

From a budgie perspective - its a no go - anything on the panel needs to be via a budgie applet.

If you are absolutely needing that task list idea then budgie isn’t the DE for you - Mate / possibly XFCE are the options you should consider.

Yeah old habits die hard eh?

Do you think I’ll be safe enough to install those DEs in my current setup and just switch between them on the login screen? Or is that generally not a recommended way to do things due to potential conflicts etc?

Mate I’m aware of various people here on discourse reporting potential conflicts - best with a clean Ubuntu Mate install. XFCE I haven’t seen any reports - so should hopefully be pretty safe to install along-side budgie.

Maybe tint2 ?

This is just a package that only does one thing : a task list panel, available in official ×buntu repositories.


Works only with Xorg / X11 type session - not in wayland - so it’s ok with Budgie.

Thanks, it seems quite nice! Only issue is, I miss out on the “system tray” that you get with the normal Budgie taskbar - I can’t see a way to get that back, or if it’s even possible. I might have to try to set up a hybrid of the two.