Task List (Windows style " open apps") Is there a way to not hide other applets?

Before opening apps

After opening several apps

Is there a way ( need to fix this for my wife LOL) that opened apps list ( Task List applet) do not make other applet invisible on the right ?


This is a known issue upstream - https://github.com/budgie-desktop/budgie-desktop/issues/83

This is definitely one area where the forthcoming 10.4.1 version of budgie-desktop will help - icons of the same app will be grouped together.

I don’t have a specific time-frame - we have been expecting 10.4.1 to land since January - I’ve only seen comments saying “soon” … watch this space…

BTW - the upstream recommendation is not to use the “Task List” applet - but use the “Icon Tasklist” applet - so you can see many more applications in the panel - obviously you don’t see the name of the window until you hover over the icon - but this is probably the better method and most people hopefully can adapt to the slightly changed workflow.

I don’t know how I missed this recommendation but you just made my day !!!
I though I tried all the applet but must have missed this one

To have largers icons, I have set the panel (SETTINGS) at a size of 60


tks !

For people who didn’t used it :
I also noticed we can " UNPIN" default Apps…So we only see " open Apps " and not Apps we can launch from there ( that I already have on my right / side panel )