Task List cuts Programs when items > 8

Hey there,

I am using the Task List Applet in one of my panels.

When there are more than 8 programs open, then the progs >8 are not visible in the Task List anymore.

For example see please the screenshot, where are 10 programs open, eight are visible, one is cut off and the 10th isn’t visible at all:

I have seen the thread Task List (Windows style ” open apps”) Is there a way to not hide other applets? where the recommondation says to use the Icontask List, but I like the Task list more.

Are there any plans to fix that? Maybe with grouping or something else?

greets virse

Upstream are aware if the issue. As far as I can gather there are no plans to resolve. Their recommendation is to use the icon-task-list applet - not the task list applet.

I would bet that at a future date the task list applet will be removed.

Thx for your reply.

Hopefully they do not remove the task list applet cause it think it is more conveniant.

But we will se ;o)

Thx again