Icon Task List or other dock alternative - With app names?

Hi, new user! I’ve been using XFCE for more then 5 years. I love the look and feel of budgie but the dock is not for me. I’ve found Icon Task List, which is a step forward, but I’m struggling to find a way to have text next to each icon.

I’ve spend a few hours searching google and this forum but I can’t find anything.
I’m looking for an old-style taskbar, ungrouped. Windows has always done this, but XFCE did it way better because you can drag the order of open apps.

Is there anything??

Reasons, just in case it’s of interest :slight_smile:
I’ve tried many times before to move to a grouped list and it just slows down any GUI experience for me. I tend to work with a lot of windows open often more than 30, and with a dual screen setup I had taskbars set the way I liked things.
I’m a visual thinker and when I’m multi-tasking across 5 different work-streams, I remember things based on where they are, not what they say. A little text is nice as a confirmation, but to open one icon and then read from a list, my brain just doesn’t work quickly that way. I’ve tried the click and mouse wheel scroll too.

There is a task list Applet you can add … it’s on the list of applets you can add when modifying your panel.

However be warned, the number of windows you can have open is limited before the applet pushes other applets on the right side of the panel away.

Many thanks fossfreedom, I saw many references to that but dismissed it as everyone seems to say that icon task list was upstream.

I’ve just tried it, and so I can see that it’s at least possible that budgie could do something like this. Unfortunately it has no settings and the max it can display is 9 tabs, as you say it doesn’t compress, so it won’t work for me.

It’s an upstream applet. As you say, it doesn’t work too well. Upstream as far as I can tell don’t have plans to improve it. Their recommendation is the icon task list applet.

What is needed is some inspirational developer to grab this and improve it/rewrite it etc.

Solution for anyone else seeking a taskbar: tint2

It’s a software package rather than any kind of plugin but it’s in the repos and it works immediately.

sudo apt install tint2

Then run it from the menu

hmm… sounds interesting. Have you got any screenshots that you can share with tint2?

Might be an interesting little project to come up with some “layouts” that includes tint2

Thanks @BFG , it’s exactly what I was looking for. With 3 monitors I usually get lost with what is open in each monitor. I believe it’s a good implementation for native budgie installation.