Testing 20.04 - only for the most adventurous

I would report that close issue anyway … looks like a bit of defensive coding should be done.

re: Drawing. Pretty basic stuff, as drawing programs go. It’s a good mark up program, but MyPaint and Krita still have it beat by miles. I like that it has a text option (not in MyPaint) and a limited colour palette (Too much choice for noobs in MyP & Kr)
I’m going to give it a pass until pressure sensitivity for my old Wacom is included. But if you were strictly looking for an MS Paint swap out? … Maybe.
Control Q does need a brief “really?” moment. ALWAYS :slight_smile:

Saves/exports as png? Opens jpg, png, and …?
I agree Gimp is too complex for noobs. MyPaint just received an update from 1.2 to 2, updated as a flatpak I believe, but still no text support.

Thanks for the feedback - yeah “ordinary users” is my thought for the target. Sounds like you are most definitely on the artistic end of the spectrum with wacom/gimp and krita knowledge

ha! guilty as charged, but I can’t write code so you’ve got me beat :slight_smile:
Yes if you were strictly limited to a mouse, this might be helpful for screenshot markup or drawing word balloons on cat jpgs

Parsing Errors:

None of those cinnamon issues are on my clean install. So its something you have been testing with.

gufw - that is deliberate because the firewall (if installed) does not appear in UB (its hidden on GNOME based desktops for some strange reason) … so we’ve worked around it by providing our own desktop file.

Not sure if you know that already, but you can click on the folder and delete the listed *.desktop files …

Hi should I even have cinnamon control centre in the desktop files?
Ive included below whats been installed along the way should I remove all the cinnamon items?

sudo apt-get remove cinnamon-desktop-environment ?

The only bits of cinnamon UB needs are the translation files … so the cinnamon named packages here https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/nemo

Previews was not working so I removed it (intending to see if a reinstall would fix) , after a reboot I have lost all Budgie content and desktop is a black screen with mouse cursor only.

Thanks for the report. Yeah, we have been a little overzealous with the dependencies vs recommendations of various packages. This will be fixed in an update today.

Just reinstall the budgie-desktop-environment package again to get back where you were before uninstalling previews.

Now stuck at login with “failed to start session”
Tried reinstalling and got “ubuntu-budgie-desktop is already the latest version”

CTRL+ALT+F3 to switch to a TTY

sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-budgie-desktop budgie-desktop-environment budgie-desktop budgie-core gir1.2-budgie-1.0 libbudgie-plugin0 libbudgie-private0 libbudgietheme0 libraven0

CTRL+ALT+F7 to switch back to the login screen and login again.

Thank you kind Sir.
FYI: Previews still not working.

Need a bit more info - please describe what you are or are not seeing.

Sorry. Alt+Tab shows program icons instead of running previews

Have you enabled previews? Menu - Previews Control

Of course not, that would have made all this completely unnecessary. Insert (face-palm-emoji) here. Thank you.


The two nemo v4.4 packages in budgie-welcome - recommendations (nemo-share, nemo-dropbox) have now been uploaded. These will need testing to confirm all is well.

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The 19.10 backports applets have now been uploaded to 20.04 - these will need testing to confirm all is well.

Basically all the applets listed in Menu - Budgie Applets should now be installable.

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