Testing 20.04 - only for the most adventurous

Gimp (2.10.14-2build1) segfault on Focal, both from native Focal iso and customized one. It’s a known gimp bug, it seems.

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Is there a launchpad bug report you can link to please?

Sorry for being late … Xmas time and pc strictly turned off!
Is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gimp/+bug/1857233


Ok thx. Fix for this was released yesterday

Is it too late to address budgie menu launcher icon color in light panels? Is there a way to have a color change if using a light colored panel ?

Have you got a picture showing the issue please?

This is using pocillo icons. When using a theme with a light panel the menu icon is lost . The work-around is to use the built in theme.Screenshot from 2020-01-02 10-31-13 Screenshot from 2020-01-02 10-36-53

It is probably an issue w/ your theme and the amount of panel transparency it sets. No such issues w/ my theme and Pocillo on a 20.04 clean VM

The menu icon stays white regardless of theme. Other panel/ menu driven desktop environments have resolved this as far back as gnome 2.
The developers of the plata theme addressed the issue with panel transparency. Note how the icons automatically change to dark when the light theme is applied except for the menu icon.

Sounds like the menu icon needs to be turned into a symbolic icon.

I’m no inkscape expert - I’m guessing the fill colour needs to be changed as per https://askubuntu.com/a/154846/14356

ok - in theory this will now be fixed in 20.04 - will need to confirm this on the next package upload due in the next few weeks.

In the interim - https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-desktop-environment/blob/master/distrologo/ubuntu-budgie-symbolic.svg

Drop that file into /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps

Then run sudo update-icon-caches /usr/share/icons/hicolor

Then in budgie-desktop-settings - panel - menu applet - change the menu icon to be “ubuntu-budgie-symbolic”

The solution above works , for those who would like to try it remember to change the image name when downloaded to ubuntu-budgie-symbolic.

The very latest desktopfolder is now available in 20.04.

We think its a very worthy alternative for desktop icons support - more info here:

Whilst we will not be shipping with desktopfolder out-of-the-box for 20.04 since it has some edge cases we aren’t happy with - for the majority we think it is very useful.

So if you want to test switch off nemo-desktop via dconf-editor org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons and install the package.

The above link has our PPA for 18.04/19.04/19.10 users to also play with the latest desktopfolder.

The project itself would love some help - so if you want to dip your toes into open source development this is a worthy project to-do so. github.com/spheras/desktopfolder

I modified the symbolic menu icon a little you can see the result in the images.Screenshot from 2020-01-04 12-23-03 Screenshot from 2020-01-04 12-24-44

New version of Window Shuffler is now available - feedback is most welcome

I searched the thread and didn’t see anything so I thought I would report that I am unable to open GNOME Settings on 20.04. It crashes out to the login screen. Happens every time. I’m running it in VirtualBox if that makes a difference. Happy to provide whatever details you’d like to see.

Suggestion: please add a sticky here for where each type of bug report should go eg installer issues: ```
ubuntu-bug ubiquity


Please report this to launchpad via

ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center

I followed the instructions on the bug reporting page to run ubuntu-bug against the _usr_lib_xorg_Xorg.0.crash file located there. It showed that the bug has already been reported (1796437). I’ll add my details there. Thanks again.

Interesting! That bug report is marked as a duplicate.

In the linked report it says the package gstreamer1.0-vaapi is the issue