Testing 21.04 - are you brave enough?

Will UB 21.04 have the new 5.10 kernel? Woohoo - can’t wait! (This is me gleefully rubbing the palms of my hands together like I’m waiting for movie theatres to open back up!)

Given the timeframe of the 21.04 release then there is a strong chance for kernel 5.11 in the final release. But yeah
Definitely 5.10 if the 5.11 kernel is delayed or has too many issues.

I have a zsys crash after 6 hours up-time.There is a login loop and message stating system can’t recover. Can’t accomplish anything in recovery mode and am downloading a new daily build as I type.

Back with fresh installation. Zsys crashed and would not restart making recover mode useless.

Definitely worth reporting on launchpad. zsh is a key supported capability for Canonical so they would be most definitely interested in what you have found.

The default Pocillo icon theme now created using a variant of Tela Icons - panel/symbolic icons are from Qogir icons.

In a future update we will be defaulting to Pocillo-dark theme as well - so the combination will give a new fresh look to UB for 21.04.

Tela icons look nice paired with Budgie default themes.


Anything planned for people getting sick of blue ?

An easy way to change that dominant color once and for all ?

Are symbolic icons still limited to ~22px size - making them tiny out of place on larger panels ?

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I am all ears on any proposal and implementation.

Sorry, not aware of any discussions on this upstream.

Ah. Forgot about these … do look out for both the budgie-clipboard-applet and budgie-analogue-applets now in 20.04 and 20.10 … installable via menu-budgie extras.

Pictures of the applets are in the first post.

All groovy backport packages have been copied to hirsute.

Will will rebuild these properly towards the end of the dev cycle once the python 3.9, gcc and vala transitions have completed.

So, all budgie welcome themes and applets together with software recommendations should work.

Let us know if you find something unexpected. Note some themes require third party ppas that may not have their hirsute packages yet.

And again no wobbly animation or magic lamp. Still, if I chose cupertino layout would be nice if both of this effects be there.
I think there is nothing bad in those little fancy effects. Last couple of weeks I spent on Fedora (on VM) doing my boring job and those little things brings me almost happines :slight_smile: You should try them on Gnome.

I remember those effects from the compiz days year ago. Didn’t like them then …

If those animations appear on UB the rank of UB on distrowatch will soar up at least few positions. Mark my words :slight_smile: And give them a chance.

On VM 21.04 starts and runs nice and smooth. ZSH with encryption, nautilus instead of nemo, calendar instead of clock, mojave theme, budgie layout, global menu, everything looks good. Still geary in apps, but also thunderbird. Quite big consumption of memory.
Very good job, guys, thank you and congrats.

That’s an odd observation about Geary. Will need to find out which package is installing it I.e. has Geary in its recommendations or dependencies

Tested a bit in a VM, saw no major issue, so I decided to guinea pig myself. If I want to help catch some bugs early on, gotta run it on hardware, in my production machine, which is also running JACK via ubuntu studio goodies. What can possibly go wrong?
Took a clonezilla to a separate SSD, did a release upgrade, and configured timeshift to run multiple times a day, just in case.

So far so good, no issues, system runs super fast and smooth. Well done team, looks like this is going to be another solid release! :star_struck:

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I have been using Ubuntu Budgie 21.04 as my daily driver for some days now, and I started to find some minor issues here and there. Would it be valuable to start reporting now or is it better to wait until beta is out? In case you want me and other testers to report those, could you kindly link to the correct bug trackers?

Few examples of the issues I found:

  • gnome-software does not start from the gui. I click on the icon, I see a loading icon indicator, and then nothing happens. If I start it from the terminal though, it works fine.
  • scanning documents with my HP printer, which is correctly installed with hplip, does not work. I start the scanner, software asks me which printer to use, it finds the correct printer. Once I select it, administrator password is asked and then an error displays fail to connect to printer. Same thing works fine on 20.04 and 20.10.

Thanks for your help!

Both issues I would just keep an eye on for now. Things are being pushed through debian pretty fast at the moment trying to beat the upcoming February freeze date.

At that point just bug fixes will be coming down the software line. So by late February I would start reporting issues to launchpad if they are still broken.

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I am using the 21.04 in my daily work with no issues as we speak.
I bought an new computer recently dedicated for my work and as a Plex server after work.
Since installation of the 20.10 version did not get the Realtek network Ethernet to work, I got the idea from internet that the newer kernel supported it.
I got the same trouble with 21.04, but managed to install a r8125 driver with help from a slow USB network dongle.

So now I am up and running and really like to work on a Linux computer vs my old MS10. Last time I played with Linux was in 1997. Then as now, the network card was my challenge.

My Plex server is gone down for the moment for some reason, but think I will let it be for a later reinstall when the system is more stable.

I do wonder if it is wise to do update every day as long as the system works with no issues.
My fear is that a update corrupts something vital, and that I can not start up the system again.
Any advice here would be great.