Testing 21.04 - are you brave enough?


Is it on the budgie team plans to add something like the gnome has “launch with dedicated graphics” ? Thanks for the command btw.

yep - certainly have plans … just a question of finding the time!

Now available in v0.14.0 budgie-welcome is the WhiteSur make-over which includes the whitesur gtk theme/whitesur icons and roboto fonts.

Feedback welcome as to the makeover components - budgie welcome and this makeover is also available for 20.04 and 20.10


Canonical devs have removed the patch to GNOME Settings - Sharing to enable/disable the vino vnc server. This means there is no GUI to enable desktop sharing out-of-the-box. the vino-server (via the vino package) has thus been removed. Vino is still available in the repo as well as other vnc-servers.

21.04 wallpapers are now available. These are team wallpapers - so an eclectic bunch.

the groovy package budgie-wallpapers-groovy can be uninstalled safely if you aren’t using any of those wallpapers.

PSA - there is an update issue with the package pocillo-icon-theme - the package does not install leaving the update mechanism in a bit of a state.

Not sure what happened - it could be as a result of a missing file that wasn’t picked up during local building and testing. Or it could be as a result of on-going launchpad build problems where permissions of packages/files are wrong.

Just stopped by to report that problem.

E: /var/cache/apt/archives/pocillo-icon-theme_0.13.5_all.deb: unable to open '/usr/share/icons/TelaBudgie-dark/symbolic/actions/action-unavailable-symbolic.svg.dpkg-new': No such file or directory

ok - it must be the previous version of the package that is at issue.

sudo apt purge pocillo-icon-theme
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pocillo-icon-theme

That should fix matters.

there was an error during the purge , but it worked.
dpkg: warning: while removing pocillo-icon-theme, directory '/usr/share/icons/Pocillo' not empty so not removed

yeah. No need to worry.

I note Canonical are doing a rebuild anyway of pocillo-icon-theme and other packages due to permissions issues (the launchpad issues I referred to) - so lets see what happens when that rebuild migrates to the release pocket.

Just happened to notice that I can’t select desktop icons to move or open?? Plank icons are ok.


Running in Virtualbox.

What’s the output of gsettings get com.solus-project.budgie-wm desktop-type-override ?

It should say nemo. Is nemo installed? Is nemo-desktop (the process) running?

By default “Align to grid” is the default - right click the desktop - choose Customise and then deselect “Auto arrange” as per the screenshot to allow you to move icons around the desktop

The nemo-desktop process is running,

Right click on the desktop only has two options

Did you install budgie-desktop-view (the package) ? It shouldn’t be installed by default on UB.

it says you have manually installed it. Basically budgie-desktop-view and nemo are clashing - desktop icons is being provided by budgie-desktop-view which is the new upstream version of desktop icons. You can’t move icons around with that.

This is a very early version of 21.04 installed in early November. I will download the latest build and try again.

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Budgie desktop settings is crashing to login screen. I can use the entire panel except the budgie-menu-applet. All, but the customized or snap icons are blank in plank and nemo. System settings and the dconf-editor work fine. Fixed with dconf-editor ! Caused by 3rd party icon theme.

3rd party icon theme? Which one?