Testing 21.10 - Are you brave enough?

After a couple of months testing on a VM, I upgraded my main PC to 21.10. All went well, no issues, no major bugs. This is shaping to be another great release.

Time to hunt for some weird bugs! :face_with_monocle:

Hi all

Well we are almost at beta release time in the next few days.

This means writing the release notes.

I am after as many pictures showing off the new and changed capabilities in the first post.

Please do post your pictures here and we will try to incorporate them in the release notes


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Ubuntu Budgie 21.10 ARM64. Raspberry 4B 8 GB. Newest updates till 10/05/2021.
Mouse USB-wired. Keyboard USB-wired. Loudspeaker BT-connected. Screen HDMI1 no Speaker.

There is a Problem with Video-Player.
If I start a local Video, it plays 2-5 seconds and then Audio stops, Video freeze, Mouse Cursor freeze.
Same by Playing Video from News-Letter N-TV in Mozilla Firefox 92.0.
Moving Mouse Cursor, the System freeze suddenly during Video playing.

System stops working and can’t shut down because Mouse don’t work.
Hard Power-Off is the only way out!

are you using kms or fkms for the display driver?

I use kms. Tweak-Tool Budgie ARM Pi Setting 512MB (Display) but default 128MB the same Problem.

ok - please report an issue via

ubuntu-bug linux-raspi

Note - there is an updated linux-raspi kernel in the proposed repo - you should try that as well since it has a bunch of graphics fixes that I can see in the changelog

Have tried that. Proposed-Repo is uptodate yet but Problem is same.

please do file the bug report. thx.

I do. Good by and a nice day.

Have post the bug.
Another User with the same problem had reported it some days before.


I’ve made a real install of budgie impish and budgie-welcome is a blank page
I’ve tried with nvidia drivers or nouveau. Remove ubuntu-budgie-welcome and install it again but with no result

resolve this problem by deleting .local in home folder

How odd. OK we will keep an eye on possible future reports.

OK. We are at the end of 21.10 development now.

Next up is the 22.04 distro which is a long term release.

Thanks to all that have contributed to 21.10. Much appreciated

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