The 4 Seasons icon set for Budgie

If it’s okay for the devs I’ll like to start a new thread regarding the icon sets. The other thread got muddy.

The 4 Seasons icon set for Budgie

The sets are based on WhiteSur, Bloom and Papirus icon set.
To use one of the 4 season icon sets Papirus icon set is required to get the best out of my icon sets.
You’ll get the latest Papirus Icon set here: Papirus -

Download one (or More) of the 4 seasons icon sets.

Download: Spring -

Download: Autumn -

Download: Summer -

Download: Winter -

I’m open for new icon suggestions, so don’t don’t hesitate to ask ( I don’t bite :wink: ).
Github: SethStormR (Seth Storm Rosenaa) · GitHub


The 4 Seasons have been updated to 3.1

What’s new?
Added: Gnome Spport for Autumn
Added: MediaElch, Avidemux, gnome subtitles, kazam,
Added: simplescreenrecorder, (steam) Baldur’s Gate 1 + 2 + 3,
Added: Double Commander, bleachbit, clamTK, Zim wiki,
Added: KeepassXC, (steam) Ultimate ADOM,


is there a reason to prefer

rather than


Yes. The maker of Papirus gets paid per download on Pling.

Ooh I did not know that !

On the other hand, a ppa keeps you up to date.

In my opinion people should try avoid PPAs when/if possible. It tend to break people system(s).
But that’s a whole different topic :wink:

Always be cautious with ppa, know how APT/.deb work, that’s right.
But a well maintained and « organized » ppa won’t break anyone’s system.
Just don’t use the messy ones :wink: