Any interest for this icon set on UB?

Hello, I have created
I was thinking if there’s any interest getting it ported to UB?



Congrats on the theme. Always inspiring to see creators like yourself producing opensource software.

Not sure what you mean by porting. If you mean filling in possible missing icons to make it work on budgie 100% … then yeah, sure everyone… if you like to contribute head over to Seth’s github repo!


Slow but steady.

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I’m “porting” 4 icon themes (The 4 seasons) that’s why it takes time.

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looking good! I love a uniform-looking icon set (regardless of the debate of changing an app’s icon design). :+1:

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An alpha release of Spring is released for testing purpose.
For those who ike to test it download b-spring from my site:

Anyone know the name of the “Raven” icon is?

preferences-calendars-and-tasks I believe

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Thanks. It was preferences-calendar-and-tasks

(b)-Spring is done and ready soon, so is (b)-Autumn. Autumn is reversed of Spring color-wise.

Sorry to spam such, but been working all night to get these two finished. (b)Spring and (b)Autumn is ready for primetime. Feel free to bug report or something you think should change. I take requests for icons I should add to the icon themes.

b-Spring v2.3: Spring - Icon set for Deepin/eOS/Budgie -
b-Autumn v2.3: Autumn - Icon set for Deepin/eOS/Budgie -

Next stop is getting summer and winter ported. Thanks to all who downloaded Spring and Autumn. :slight_smile:

Summer will get rreleased next time (v.2.4)

Yeah, I know… It’s yellow :smiley:

So if I’m following correctly … “Summer” is yellow … Sunny weather!

I would have thought “Winter” would have been “white” … Snowy?!

Autumn/Fall is “reddish” … leaves changing?!

Spring is “multicoloured?” … burst of colour

What’s your thought pattern here for the 4 seasons?

None :D, but I neeed 4 names to 4 icon themes, so I thought why not the 4 seasons. I know not very creative, but they are 4 icon themes that are related to eachother.

ah - okay. have fun with the creativity process!

Personally for the 4 seasons I would have gone with maybe the colour metaphor - so off-white/slightly purple/slightly yellow/slightly red to fit the season colours. but that’s just my thought pattern when thinking of seasons in the UK. Obviously very different for folks much further south than me :slight_smile:

Winter for UB is done and will be available in the next update!

Version 2.4 is out and all4 themes are Budgie supported!!!

Winter - Winter - Icon Set for Deepin/eOS/Budgie -
Summer - Summer - Icon set for Deepin/eOS/Budgie -
Autumn - Autumn - Icon set for Deepin/eOS/Budgie -
Spring - Spring - Icon set for Gnome/Deepin/eOS/Budgie -

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Version 3.0 is out!

What’s new?
Added: Epiphany, nvidia Settings, easyTag, Lollypop,
Added: Gnome Games, Loginized, Stone Soup, Softmaker Office 2021,
Added: Godot, electron, Code - OSS,
Places: Folder Games, Folder Steam, Folder Torrent, Folder Vbox,
Redone: Gparted


Wow thanks! Love the spring one. :slight_smile:

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