Tiliing Manager + UB question

I have dual monitors, I want to set up different windows snap actions (not sure what the official name is, its when you drag a window to the corner of the screen and it snaps to take up half the screen) for each of them.

My understanding is that to do this I cant use the Window Shuffler Control app because it doesn’t allow for different windows snap locations for different monitors.

My research suggests that I need to install different windows manager to do this. I’ve seen i3 recommended as the simplest.

If I have to go down this route, will this mean that I cant use Ubuntu Budgie anymore, or can I install i3 in Ubuntu Budgie and suffer no ill-effects?

I am afraid I don’t understand what you mean by “it doesn’t allow for different windows snap locations for different monitors.”.

So in Windows Shuffler Control, it allows me to set a grid of screen areas which windows can snap too if I press specific keyboard shortcuts. One issue with Windows Shuffler Control is that there is no option to set different grids for different monitors, so if I set a 4x2 grid on Monitor 1, Monitor 2 must also have a 4x2 grid.

I actually don’t know much about it, but I feel if you made the question over at Window Shuffler, you might get a bit more attention. Either way, good luck!

Thanks, from my research it looks like I cant use an alternative tiling manager with the Budgie desktop unfortunately :frowning: But grateful if someone could confirm either way

no you can’t. Tiling managers and basically self contained window managers. So you have to replace the entire desktop to use them and configure them.

Suggestions for Window Shuffler may get missed here on discourse. Feel free to add an issue here

Contributions to resolve are even more welcome!

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Thanks I’ve made a post on the repo regarding this issue.