Tiliing Manager + UB question

I have dual monitors, I want to set up different windows snap actions (not sure what the official name is, its when you drag a window to the corner of the screen and it snaps to take up half the screen) for each of them.

My understanding is that to do this I cant use the Window Shuffler Control app because it doesn’t allow for different windows snap locations for different monitors.

My research suggests that I need to install different windows manager to do this. I’ve seen i3 recommended as the simplest.

If I have to go down this route, will this mean that I cant use Ubuntu Budgie anymore, or can I install i3 in Ubuntu Budgie and suffer no ill-effects?

I am afraid I don’t understand what you mean by “it doesn’t allow for different windows snap locations for different monitors.”.

So in Windows Shuffler Control, it allows me to set a grid of screen areas which windows can snap too if I press specific keyboard shortcuts. One issue with Windows Shuffler Control is that there is no option to set different grids for different monitors, so if I set a 4x2 grid on Monitor 1, Monitor 2 must also have a 4x2 grid.

I actually don’t know much about it, but I feel if you made the question over at Window Shuffler, you might get a bit more attention. Either way, good luck!