Anything similart to KWinScript for configurable tiling (on Ultrawide monitor)

for starters, I am a relative noob at linux. I have been using kubuntu 20.04 for a while and recently came across GitHub - kwin-scripts/kwin-tiling: Tiling script for kwin which was a god send for window management as I needed it on my ultrawide monitor.
I heard about Ubuntu budgie a couple of days ago and wanted to try it out. I quickly realised I have gotten so used to the Kwinscript tiling that it is probably going to be a pain to get around that.
I have looked at the Window shuffler option in Budgie but it does not exactly do what I want.

Is there any other option to customize the desktop tiling that I can use? or in the default shuffler can I change the size of the center tiles vs. the left adn right (also couldn’t figure out how to fit the window across the center pane as a single pane).