Top horizontal panel overlapping, if height < 41 px


UbuntuBudgie 18.04.

Here is 44 px height panel :

Here is 24 px height ( a quite frequent height for horizontal panels ):

…and 16 px height - which is the minimum :

As you can see on last 2 pictures, both vertical panel and firefox are overlapped by the horizontal top panel, which size actually never goes under a certain amount of pixels ( I’d say about 36px ).

Same with default theme and icons, pocillo ( first pictures are adapta and papirus ). And same without pixel-saver and global-menu.

It can be a bit annoying with some applications like scribus, inkscape, LOdraw where menus and rulers are heavily used.

Are you using a single monitor or multi-monitors?

Single monitor here.


I have a fix pending in a test 19.10 PPA - its aim is for multimonitors where a similar observation is a known issue for many years upstream.

I haven’t seen this though on single monitor - so I don’t know if the fix resolves this observation.

ah wait - yes - certain applets prevent the size of the panel working correctly - they don’t size down too well.

Appindicator applet on 18.04 does this - so yes I have seen this for panels less than 37px - on 19.10 I put in a fix to allow panel resizing down to 32px (I think - or was it 28px?)

But in general be careful with trying to resize too small - budgie doesn’t scale most applets.

budgie doesn’t scale most applets.
Already noticed that and it’s quite annoying too ( places, trash and recent applets in my case ).

in general be careful with trying to resize too small
I agree with that - but 24-28 px is a quite common height for panels in many environments. Problem here is something prevents the content of panel to fit accordingly ( font size ? icon size ? )

Appindicator applet on 18.04 does this
ok but I don’t think I make use of appindicator in that top horizontal panel. I do actually in my left vertical panel.

depends on the applet. Some applets use fixed height/width .png icons that don’t resize without extra code (.svg is preferred). Some applets incorrectly use padding values around their applet which pushes out the overall size of the applets.

So to resolve is basically a coding issue - looking very closely at applets and seeing how they are structured visually, eliminating the bad coding practises.

note also - there is a bug with spacers in 18.04 - don’t use spacers that are too big because they incorrectly space vertically as well as horizontally. This also causes this issue.

I resolved this for 20.04.

Ok, ok, so the « problem » is taken care of.

Problem with spacers is older than 18.04 :wink: so I use few of them ( one in the left panel, and two in the top panel ).

I’ve marked your last message as solution, and we’ll see in 20.04