Problem with full screen apps and panel

Hi there,
I have a weird and kind of irritating problem with Budgie and I have it on every version of Ubuntu Budgie (I haven’t tested it on other distros with Budgie).
Every time I open some app on fullscreen its title bar slightly hides behind Budgie panel if it is in top position like at screenshot. Is it a bug or maybe I am doing something wrong?

What is the size of your panel?

Some applets have a minimum size that pushes the panel calculated size out … i e. A mismatch between what you see on screen and what the panel thinks its size should be.

Your panel should be around 30 to 37px depending on what applets you have and importantly what theme you are using. Some themes have more spacing requirements (padding) than you may realise.

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I like small panels so I had mine on 16, changed it to 30 and… it fixed the problem. Thx!
I guess I will have to make do with a bit bigger panel .