Two problems in Ubuntu Budgie 2004

Can not upgrade directly from 1804 to 2004, so I install a new Ubuntu Budgie 2004 (english),
however, I experience two problems and need help, Thanks a lot.

  1. ibus can not show icon on thesystem tray

  2. How to change language of ShowTime applet from chinese to english?

For the 1st one follow the steps :
=> Go to iBus Preferences
=> On General Tab -> Under Font and Style check the option to show it in system tray.

For the 2nd one follow the steps :
=> Go to settings and choose -> Language and Region
=> Change the Formats to English ( US, UK or Canada etc. )
=> Logout and Login again.

Thanks for reply.

I had done all that you mentioned before I post this thread, but nothing changed.

Sorry to hear that. let’s wait and see if someone expert can help you.

The ibus preferences option requires you have the system tray applet added to your panel. It’s not there by default so do check that.

Alternatively you should use the keyboard layout applet to show ibus based keyboard layouts.

if you want me to check online with you @chaopoch we can do a zoom meeting together. if that will help you in some way i do not know.