Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.1 "no bootable device" after install

so after the clean wipe and fresh install and the error “no bootable device” showing up.

I thought id try to figure out that GRUB loadup screen which i did i was able to get back to----->

chose Ubuntu option got this error ------>

chose “Advanced options for Ubuntu” got this error ----------->

finally i tryed to run GRUB boot repair within Budgie live USB only to find that the Boot repair would only give me a upload or .txt file option no auto repair for me.

Boot-Info_20201121_1704.txt (10.8 KB)

From my understanding :
⋅ you still have SecureBoot enabled.

Another cause of disc not showing :
⋅ Intel Optane or RST → look for Sata Mode in your bios, it should be on AHCI, not RST.

Sorry for the word « wipe » it was my translation mistake, I was thinking delete or erase. Now it’s done so… not bad after all :wink:

My sources are in french, but advices are often :
⋅ in bios disable FastBoot
⋅ in bios disable SecureBoot
⋅ in Windows ( not your case ) disable Fast Startup
⋅ in Windows ( not your case ) use Intel tools to disable Intel Optane
⋅ in bios set Sata mode to AHCI

I found the solution it was a mix of what Coeur-Noir sent me and what i originally figured out about the boot log. Coeur-Noir was right in the whole disk wipe to unalocated space and full re-install, but the bios also needed the correct .efi to boot into. I had to manually tell the bios to boot the shimx64.efi file to be able to use the Linux partition

Aaah ! Great news !

tell the bios to boot the shimx64.efi

I’ll keep that as a reminder for me, thanks.