Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 wallpaper contest


I am sharing an album of some of my photos which I consider “Wallpaper Worthy”, hence the name of the album.

I hope the link works for all, and feel free to use them as your own wallpaper! All are photos I have captured.

Here are the photos (G-Photos Shared album)

In case any photo is selected for the distro, I would re-share them with the watermark removed.

Comments are welcome!


Some really awsome wallpapers in there!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention…

Stunning - at this rate - we may have contest winners and entry numbers for both 20.04 & 20.10 !

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Wow those are awesome!!!
I’ve gotta start taking better pics and submit them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much, everyone!
I have added a few more photos to the album.


original HD : 7680x4800 px

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I’m liking these: https://unsplash.com/images/nature/space

Unsplash do not publish under a recognised free license hence we cannot use any of their images.

Oh okay :frowning:
Ah well… Unsplash would be a great source

More pictures today, and some old ones I found.

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Sometimes it pays to always have a camera handy. :slight_smile:


Here are my submissions, all pictures taken by me.



Another Submission, taken by me.

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last submission from me (for today), by me.

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Really nice! Thanks for the entries.

Another one of mine I took visiting family in Harare, I was going to make the other one my last submission but I figured I would submit this one too.

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thanks! Johannesburg Airport in SA. Thought it was nice architecture.

Sunset in front of Iles Sanguinaires, Ajaccio, Corse, FR
I’ve taken this picture with my mobile (Blackview BV9500), since I’ve forgotten my Nikon D40 at home :frowning:


Hah, I’ve been exactly there. Corse, the most beautiful place on the entire world.