Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 wallpaper contest

Sometimes it pays to always have a camera handy. :slight_smile:


Here are my submissions, all pictures taken by me.



Another Submission, taken by me.

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last submission from me (for today), by me.

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Really nice! Thanks for the entries.

Another one of mine I took visiting family in Harare, I was going to make the other one my last submission but I figured I would submit this one too.

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thanks! Johannesburg Airport in SA. Thought it was nice architecture.

Sunset in front of Iles Sanguinaires, Ajaccio, Corse, FR
I’ve taken this picture with my mobile (Blackview BV9500), since I’ve forgotten my Nikon D40 at home :frowning:


Hah, I’ve been exactly there. Corse, the most beautiful place on the entire world.

Sardinia too is really wonderful (and only 10 km far, by sea). :heart_eyes:

more pictures to submit.