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Ubuntu Budgie forum logo - Dark theme


When switching to dark theme of this forum I notice that the word Ubuntu at the logo is not clear.



hmm - think we need to have something that works on both dark and light themes. We can only set one image for the site.

Offers are welcome!

Criteria for images: “Use a wide rectangular image with a height of 120px and an aspect ratio greater than 3:1”



maybe this solves the problem for dark and light theme.
It has background transparency, even if gthumbs and firefox are showing white background.
It is made from the original source (3000px x 454px):

Now little more height 3000px x 464px (still >3:1 aspect ratio):
Therefore please scale down to pixel height as needed (Gimp: Export as png with no background aka transparency).

Click for new result with white font border:



Switched in your new logo - cheers!