Ubuntu budgie key caps

Does anyone know if there is someone that makes ubuntu budgie logo cherry mx key caps for super?

Hmm, I guess that it depends on where you are from @Savant89. My Google search returned https://www.wasdkeyboards.com/104-key-custom-cherry-mx-keycap-set.html so I guess that there are probably more like it with more approachable, cheaper prices. There is always option for some kind of sticker as cheaper alternative, but that ain’t longterm solution.

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Thanks for the link, I’m from the UK there is a couple of company’s that do the custom key caps but as a set rather than a single key :frowning:. i could make clear transfers up myself but they wouldn’t be very durable, i could go down the china rout but that would mean buying in the thousands lol.

Does anyone have a vetor image of the budgie ubuntu logo, so i can mock up a super key design in cad?

Various versions of the logo are in our assets repo


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