Unable to open Discord from the dock

Hello, sorry if this is the wrong area to ask this sort of question.

I’m unable to bring Discord back from being minimised from the dock. It appears as closed there with no little indicator next to the icon, but I can access it by using alt + tab. Is there any known solution for this?

Huh, I checked this out. With Discord running, if I minimize the Discord window, when I select “Open Discord” in the little icon on the icon tray nothing happens. However, in minimized form, it leaves a full icon of a running app on the left of the dock (and also in my Plank launcher that’s running). Clicking that icon brings up the window.

Now, if I close the Discord window completely and don’t just minimize it, when I select “Open Discord” in the little icon on the icon tray, it WILL open the window.

I imagine this is hard-wired behavior by the app itself.

I’d assume that. This is the only application that does this, super weird.
I messed around with it a bit more, and here are my findings:

  • The “Open Discord” option in the system tray never works
  • Minimizing Discord makes it still open in the dock, which is what it should be doing.
  • Closing Discord’s Window but leaving the program open in the background allows me to resume the app from the dock one time only. After that first time I can no longer launch it from the dock and have to alt + tab into it

Weird behaviour.

So I just tried this on KDE Manjaro, and interestingly the “Open Discord” option in the system tray always works there regardless of whether the Discord window is open or closed, minimized or not. Perhaps a Qt vs GTK difference? How does it behave in Gnome?