Unknown Display in 22.04

I’m trying to figure out what needs to be done for my displays to show what they are, it just shows in the Display area in the control panel as Unknown Display and because of that, I’m unable to adjust the refresh rate of my monitor or TV and the resolutions are also locked as well at their highest (which I don’t mind that part)

What graphics are you using? Nvidia?
If you arr using nvidia have you installed the recommended nvidia driver for your card?

I have the AMD 5700G, I don’t have discreet graphics right now. In the About section of the settings, it is showing that my graphics is llvmpipe instead of AMDGPU.

In trying to figure out how to get the unknown monitor and LLVMPIPE issue resolved, I found a YouTube video and there was a website attached to it that explains how to do it, How To Fix OpenGL: renderer: llvmpipe (Fix Screen Tearing) - YouTube. This is the video that shows it, but I had been corresponding with the creator of the video and website because even though I had done everything that he had shown, it still was not working for me. It was then found out that the reason that mine was not getting fixed was because there is something with the 5000 series APUs that cause them to not work like other graphics cards or other APUs, I had issues with my APU not working properly on Windows with the drivers as well, the only way that I could actually get the system to be working properly again was by reinstalling Linux, while this is not what everyone would need to do, it was what I needed to do.