Up panel change size makes it overlayed in the screen

Hello party people.
I’m facing the following situation.
When I reduce the size of up panel after a boot, for example leave 30, the difference become a transparent area that any window can use it.
Does anybody had this same situation? Is normal? I’m asking for because if change the value this transparence area is fixed, but in the next boot the transparence area back.
Sorry did not put any printscreen but here noobies, like me, can’t attach images.

The panel can only shrink to the largest icon size displayed by any applet. Also themes play a role here - so some themes add padding. If you shrink the panel beyond the largest icon size you get these weird window overlap issues.

So play around there - choose a slim theme like pocillo-slim. Generally 30-32pix is the smallest size you can have with a panel with certain applets like the appindicator applet in your panel.

…just drag and drop a picture inside your message :wink: