Use a different package manager

No proper package manager. Can’t search for essential software such as a proper clipboard such as “glipper” Budgie is nice, but it’s not actually usable for serious work.

I did find a clipboard applet eventually. and installed “Synaptic” with the terminal. But I have decided it’s best to try to use the terminal as much as possible, as it seems to work better.

I think that your solution (Synaptic and apt from terminal) is the best possible. After all gnome-software (I purge it immediatly after every Ubuntu installation) just sucks ram and it is not really needed in any Ubuntu flavor. Eventually also snapd and flatpak can be easily managed from terminal.

Having said that, it’s nice to have different options for different users. This is Ubuntu and Linux in general!

Do note. Whilst ubuntu stuck with v3.30 of gnome software which does have the memory issue, it is known that v3.32 version apparently resolves this. We will have to wait and see if and when it makes into 19.10

What Gnome software do you purge? So far I haven’t actually installed Budgie because my GRUB got screwed up when I tried to install it on a partition next to Kubuntu. But one thing Budgie has that I really like is auto-screen rotation for a 2n1 laptop out of the box. Please let me know about the Gnome software to get rid of.

That’s nothing to do with gnome-software though…

Yeah, I’m not sure what happened. I may wipe Kubuntu and install Budgie. Perhaps I didn’t change my computers BIOS priority list and that’s why it didn’t work. I’m not sure. What do you know about connecting an iPad to Budgie. It did work in Kubuntu. I just bought the iPad 9.7 yesterday. It was on sale at Costco.