VLC Player won't play Dvd's

Recently up-graded from 20.04. Seems to me the VLC Player in the Budgie 22.04 Software Repository is a bit buggy? Won’t play Dvd’s. In the 20.04 Repository, there were 2 versions of VLC… 1 of them was corrupted. Anyone else experiencing this?

… so no you are not alone with playing DVDs via VLC.

Note - I successfully played via the default shipped celluloid software as long as you have installed libdvdread8 and libdvdcss2 followed by sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg (press enter to download the de-encryption software)

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Thank You for the speedy reply. I tried de-installing and re-installing VLC and now it seems to work, although in a round-about-way. 1. insert dvd… (wait)… 2. open Personal Ordner and search down list on the left side, below Trash Bin, to Geräte and right click on dvd symbol (OPEN)… (wait)… 3. When dvd Icon appears on Desktop right click on it (OPEN WITH VLC)… (wait)… 4. When VLC Player appears prress PLAY >… and it should work. Sorry for my German… not sure about all of the technical words. Hope this helps someone.