VNC password is cleared on reboot


Please can I get some help with VNC. I can get VNC working with password access, no problem there. However, after I reboot the PC, VNC no longer works and gives me the “Password check failed” error. On looking at the settings in Sharing > Screen Sharing, the password field is blank and I have to re-enter the password in order to get VNC working again.

Also, I can’t work out what VNC server is actually installed in Budgie?! The command line ‘vncpasswd’ doesn’t work for me.

Any help and general VNC advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Are you using autologin? If you are then I think you have to fiddle with unlocking the gnome-keyring via a blank password using seahorse.

Ahh yes thank you, I actually figured it out.

I installed Seahorse and cleared my keyring password, which allowed me to connect with VNC Viewer on my Macbook.

As this is on a Raspberry Pi 4, I then had to also setup Gnome Remote Desktop to bypass the HDMI port and force a set screen resolution.

Now, it’s all working, completely headless!

Thanks again.