Screen share password clears after reboots

I am trying to get the built in Screen Sharing to work in a new setup and when i set it up w/ a password, it DOES work …until i reboot the desktop. What i found is each time i reboot it seems to be clearing out the screen share password and i have to go back in and re-set it again (and then works again until the next reboot). any ideas what might be going on or known issue?

What version of UB are you using? 20.04?

Correct…I just downloaded/installed a few days ago

Have you got auto login enabled? We are aware that the gnome-keyring needs to be unlocked before passwords are available.

I do have that enabled… So if I want that turned on will the screen sharing password issue not work right then?

There is a workaround pointed out to me by @fossfreedom. I just tested, and it still appears to work just fine. You essentially have to disable the password on gnome-keyring.

First, this requires installing seahorse.

sudo apt install seahorse

After its installed, you can run Passwords and Keys (or seahorse from Tilix). On the left hand side, under Passwords, right click on Login, and select Change Password from the menu. Enter your current password, and then when asked for a new password, leave it blank. You will get a warning that passwords will be stored unencrypted, but Screen Sharing will now remember the password without you having to unlock gnome-keyring every login.

The downside obviously, of course, is that password security is greatly reduced. If you have any sensitive passwords stored, or the device is shared by multiple users, its a convenience vs. security tradeoff.

awesome that worked like a charm! thank you for the help! i just had to do that on the default keyring and good to go! thanks for everyones help!

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