VNCSERVER is not executable after install

Do i need gnome desktop on budgie to use VNC?
I just installed 20.04. VNCSERVER is not executable. I tried using tiger and tight vnc.

/usr/bin/vncserver: line 1: # exec /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrcnn.: No such file or directory

/usr/bin/vncserver: line 2: gnome-panel &n.: command not found

/usr/bin/vncserver: line 3: gnome-settings-daemon &n.: command not found

/usr/bin/vncserver: line 4: metacity &n.: command not found
/usr/bin/vncserver: line 5: nautilus &n.: command not found

/usr/bin/vncserver: line 6: gnome-terminal &n.: command not found

Do I need GNOME 3 installed on Budgie?

You don’t need to install gnome-3 neither any vnc-server, as one is already installed ( vino ).

Go to settings → sharing → there you can enable it.

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That was it! Thank You!