Wallpaper contest for 20.04?

Is there such a thing? Because I have a ton of wallpapers I could submit. If there isn’t, let’s make one

@fossfreedom does this seem like a good idea?

Yes. We will be running a contest shortly. Thanks for your prompt and I look forward to seeing your entries. Cheers!

Thanks a lot! Please send the link here when it starts, as I have a lot of stuff I can submit. Hopefully one of them makes it :wink:
You can check out my collection at https://500px.com/gsbhasin84, and see if any of them look appealing as a default wallpaper.

Most would be great! I like the central focus on an area of interest … something that draws the eye that sparks a talking point.

Thanks! Can’t wait for the contest. Also, is it fine if I overlay an UB icon on one or anything?

Generally we frown upon logos. Desktop wallpapers should be installable on all desktop environments. We are all friends and colleagues and share stuff when we can.

Alright, never mind :wink:

Hopefully the contest takes place soon, so I can start :slight_smile:

You can call me crazy but I’m so eager for it Lol