Way to edit fonts in Budgie-Desktop?

Is there a way to directly edit/manage the fonts on the Budgie-desktop panel?

Screenshot from 2021-02-02 07-07-31

^^ Like here at the end of the panel and…

^^ here in the search bar for Budgie Menu?


You need to use CSS to alter the font-size, font-stretch, font-family, font-style, font-variant, font-weight

Some applets have style-classes - so you can target your change to a specific style-class. For example, the clock-applet style class is “budgie-clock-applet”

.budgie-clock-applet {

 font-size: 20px;

You alter the CSS for the theme you are using.

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Budgie desktop settings → fonts ?

Budgie desktop settings → fonts ?

Those fonts change things like title bars and interface fonts etc, they don’t directly effect things like the budgie clock applet.

So I was able to change the clock font and budgie menu search font, but not the weather.

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I’ve tried .budgie-weathershow-applet and .budgie-weather-applet. No clue about this one, any ideas?
I really appreciate the help, btw thanks. Really impressed with this distro.

Shouldn’t they ?
I mean why an applet would « override » global user’s choice in Budgie desktop settings ?

Differently worded, any applet should follow by default that global user’s choice. You shouldn’t have to tweak css - unless you want something different than the global default.

'fraid not. We would need to add a style-class to the weather applet to then allow you to style it via CSS.

Not particularly difficult to-do - please raise an issue here GitHub - UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras: Additional Budgie Desktop enhancements for user experience