What is this draggable applet on my desktop

I dont know what this isb

In the above screen look at horizontal 0.4 cm line above mouse, , it is a draggable applet, which i have no clue , I am getting some Bugie panel , errors, hence I thought perhaps this is important, one of my gameis failing causing of desktop issue.

In this image I am dragging the horizontal line so mouse has changed

None of the images have the cursor - so not really understanding what the issue that you are reporting.

screenshot removed the cursor, on my file explorer, you can see a horizontal line

Here, look nin the red circle, this littl;e horizontal line is draggable
I can drag it. i dont know what this is

I have no idea what you are showing. Please make a video showing exactly the issue you are seeing.

Hmm it looks like some graphical glitch, perhaps?