Where are budgie config files stored?

Hey guys, just curious:

If I want to wipe my budgie config (panels, applets, etc) and start afresh, what do I need to delete?

I found a few budgie directories under ~/.config/, but other than a handful of settings for some applets (like quicknote and brightness), there wasn’t any general budgie config there. ~/.config/budgie-desktop literally only has a few 0 length files in it.

I might have found the solution here, under Testing:

As and when new features are implemented - it can be helpful to reset the configuration to the defaults to ensure everything is still working ok. To reset the entire configuration tree, issue:

budgie-panel --reset --replace &!

Still makes me wonder where the heck it’s storing its configs, though! :wink:

The vast majority of budgie settings are stored in gsettings (dconf) - you can use the GUI dconf-editor to view & fiddle.

budgie desktop settings are under com.solus-project
budgie-extras settings are under org.ubuntubudgie

Other 3rd party settings are under their author names usually.

When you run budgie-panel --reset --replace &! it actually just runs a gsettings reset over the com.solus-project tree.

Ahh, I gotcha. That’s kinda windows registry-ish. Ew.

But whatever. Thanks! :slight_smile: