User .config files

Where are all the local conf for a user stored, things like dconf changes, budgie settings, etc?

For most items they will be stored here: /home/your-user-name/.config

For specific reasons I needed to “again” restore my /home folder. However, regardless, how I backup/restore my home folder things are not right. Specifically, the budgie top panel settings are lost as well as the dconf editor settings.

I have tried rsync, cp and luckybackup and nothing seems to work. So, let me ask again:
Where are the budgie desktop top panel settings stored and where are gsettings saved?

So that post and the post below shows you how to “backup” and “restore” various dconf settings.

So com.solus-project and org.ubuntubudgie are the key organisations for various panel settings

Well well, that solves the mystery of where the budgie panel settings are. I am a bit surprised that the dconf database is not in user space – which means that I have to keep a backup of it.

The dconf database is in userspace - just not in a text format - binary ~/.config/dconf/user

My restore should have worked then. Perhaps this is what happened?

  1. Recreate /home
  2. Login
  3. Do a rsync to restore /home/user folder – which should have replaced the user db.

But, I bet that since I am logged in, there is a memory copy of user and it over rights what I copied in.

possibly - maybe doing the rsync via a TTY rather than a graphical session would be better - then you wont have the GNOME bits trying to keep the dconf database up-to-date.