Will I have a problem if I use the Minimal Installation to install my other software?


I am super excited for the minimal installation (as I try to get away from bloat software as much as possible nowdays, I even re-installed my phone with a Linage that comes with as little as possible). However, since I’m not a long time Linux user I don’t know if my idea will work. I would love if someone could help me answer, if I could just install my software like usual (terminal) even when using the minimal one.

Here is a list what I would like to install:

My stuff

  • Firefox
  • Slack
  • Wire
  • QT Creator
  • Sublime Text 3
  • Godot Engine 3
  • Github Client (The linux beta)
  • Krita
  • Aseprite
  • InkScape
  • Bitwarden Password Manager Desktop
  • Tresorit
  • Standard Notes
  • Audacious
  • Libre Office
  • Discord
  • Unity
  • Zeal
  • Steam
  • Albert
  • OBS Studio
  • OpenVPN
  • Caffeine
  • Window Shuffler
  • Archive Manager
  • Disk Usage Analyzer
  • Disks???
  • Fonts
  • System Monitor
  • Logs
  • Gnome MPV
  • Libre Office
  • Simple Scan

Gonna look for other options before I decide

  • Cheese Webcam Booth (just want somethin for webcam rather than a “booth”)
  • gThumb Image Viewer
  • Document Viewer?


  • Dropbox
  • MellowPlayer

Installing from command line for most of the above will be possible - you just need to know the package names to install.

apt-cache search searchstring

Some of the packages above are also available as SNAP packages - so again you can install those.

snap search searchstring

Or use gnome-software to GUI search for apps and the snap website accessible via budgie-welcome - software

Sounds super! Thanks! :slight_smile: Because I’m really trying to use software that gives me as little bloat as possible so this is really perfect for my need! :slight_smile:

One question, what is the difference between apt-get, apt and snap? Because I have read about snap before, but not sure what the pros and cons are compared to apt.

apt (and apt-get) installs packages built specifically for ubuntu directly from the ubuntu repositories and any additional third-party repositories you may have installed.

snap is the new container based software distribution method - the apps work on most distributions that support snapd.

In terms of advantages, snaps can be easily updated and you usually get the latest software consistently being rolled out by developers. You’ll obviously get some of the breakages as well - but you can easily rollback snaps to earlier versions.

apt based installations are regarded as stable - they rarely receive new capability through new versions of software. Most of the time they receive bug fixes to make stuff more stable (hopefully).

Got it! Thanks for the answer.

I have a issue and not sure how to solve it.

When I try to do

sudo apt-get install firefox (or anything at all)

I keep getting an error it can’t find any packages. It doesn’t matter what I try to install. Is there something I need to change in my 18.04 minimal for this to work, or is it a bug?


remember to update first before installation

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Yesterday’s ISO minimal install had a few tweaks added to it. I have had confirmation that installation of libreoffice, gimp etc all worked just fine.