Window Shuffler: It's possible to change shortcuts?

Hi, I’m using Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 and I love the new Window Shuffler, however the tiling shortcuts (Ctrl+Alt+) are conflicting with the shortcuts of another application I use.

Is it possible to change it to something like: Ctrl+Super+?

See this answer - the window-shuffler files in that folder should be the ones you need to copy and modify

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Nah, it didn’t work, but it looks like the right way to do it…
For example, copied and edited one of them to:
~/.local/share/budgie-extras-daemon$ vi windowshuffler-tiling-righthalf-kb.bde

command=/usr/lib/budgie-window-shuffler/tile_active 1 0 2 1
onlyactivate=GSettings org.ubuntubudgie.windowshuffler runshuffler

Restarted the computer but the shortcut still the same (Ctrl+Alt+6)
Tried others shortcuts as well, no luck.

I’ll keep tring.

Odd. Looks ok.

What is the output of


It should be ~/.local/share

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It was not set.

Added to my ~/.profile:
export XDG_DATA_HOME="$HOME/.local/share"

Log in/log out
Now it prints /home/ericsantanna/.local/share

But the shortcuts are still the same.
I even tried changing the originals in /usr/share/budgie-extras-daemon/ but still the same.

It’s weird because I haven’t changed much in this installation, so it’s close to a fresh install.


If you have changed /usr/share/budgie-extras-daemon logged out and logged in then the shortcuts have to be changed … since it’s not hard coded.

Did you compile budgie extras yourself at some point and accidentally install to /usr/local …?

Aha. It works!
I was always trying with keypad keys. But as I was changing only the “*-kb.dbe” files it was working only with regular numeric keys 0-9.

In summary, we have to change it in two files, for example:
windowshuffler-tiling-righthalf.bde -> Keypad keys
windowshuffler-tiling-righthalf-kb.bde -> Regular keys

Thank you very much for your help.
Sorry for my confusion earlier.

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