Windows c drive not showing in vlc

HI all

First off, newbie to Budgie. After trying with live drive and being happy everything worked as it should, I then installed it alongside my W10. On the first day, everything worked fine. I could access video and audio files on the Windows C and D drives in VLC and Kodi, no problems. On the second day, had to work in Windows. On the third day, back into Budgie - No access to C or D drives via VLC or Kodi. Moreover, after trying to update/upgrade Kodi, it disappeared! Or won’t load, or something. This is too techie for me, but if anyone can help, I’d be grateful.


I suspect you have fast boot turned on in Windows 10 - this is kind of a hibernate function to allow windows to boot very fast.

The disadvantage is that it stops other operating systems accessing the contents of windows 10 - the C and D drives.

You need to turn off fast boot from the Windows 10 side of things. Then shutdown windows 10 before booting into budgie.

Ok I’ll check, but why did work the first time?