Windows Rules (Shuffler) doesn't seem to work

Oh boy, I made a typo in the path, should be ~/.config/budgie-extras/shuffler/windowrules - so not rules, but windowrules.

Now it should work.

My apologies for not replying earlier, I was only allowed 6 replies on my first day.

Lol, after a nightshift it’s evening for me.

Hah, never knew that was the rule :slight_smile: It works, right?

Brilliant, that worked like a treat. So now I can launch an app at the correct size, position and monitor, can I choose the workspace?

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Currently not, because the window manager behaved annoyed if workspace switches around creation time of a window, and some applications (like gedit) produced invisible windows in such cases.
Need to retest on latest mutter though, but currently only current workspace.

Ok, am I right in thinking that if a layout is created in a certain workspace, that’s where it will launch with “Super + Alt + L”? If so, is there a way to enable a rule based on a layout?

While creating a layout, the workspace where it was created is not read. In theory, it would be possible however to create a small script, moving to a workspace, wait a little to prevent the window manager to get overheated, then run a layout with the executable run_layout. This executable needs to be fed with the folder (name), containing the corresponding .windowtask files. From the executable’s code comment:

/ use this executable with a folder (named after an appropriate layoutname)
/ as argument. populate the folder with files with the extension
/ .windowtask. the folder needs to be located in
/ ~/.config/budgie-extras/shuffler/layouts. Inside the folder, dump multiple
/ files containing the following fields:
/ Exec=
/ WMClass=
/ XPosition=0
/ YPosition=0
/ Cols=
/ Rows=
/ XSpan=
/ YSpan=
/ Monitor=
/ WName=
/ TryExisting=
/ the last three are optional; WName is to define specifically named files, to
/ be launched to specific positions in case multiple windows of one and the
/ same application are opened.

Adding targeted workspace to the options in GUI is in future plans though, and needs carefully testing.

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Brilliant, that’s fantastic and I really appreciate all the time in providing me with these solutions. Keep up the good work.

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@vlijm t would be really useful if shuffler could also open windows in specific workspaces. Even if it meant to workaround the issue by moving to that workspace, then launching the app. I think something like that would still be acceptable if mutter has limitations opening windows on non-active workspaces.
If you are considering to test the feature, I am happy to jump on latest dev branch and volunteer as your guinea pig :grin: