Wireguard in network manager?


Afaict network manager 1.0.16 should have the wireguard VPN management interface and I can see it is also installed in ubuntu budgie 19.04. I installed the Wireguard ppa with the tools/library and dkms. However, I am not able to configure and manage the wireguard vpn from the network applet. Should I set something to enable wireguard in network manager?

Rgrds, Arjen

Are you referring to the standard network icon - or are you referring to the network applet installed via Menu - budgie-applets?

Hi, good question. I do not know where one ends and the other one begins :slight_smile:

I now notice that I cannot create a new vpn connection from the applet. The menu option is there but greyed out.

So not in the applet and I see no option to create a Wireguard VPN connection in the Advanced Network Manager application. (for which I guess I need to ask my question in another section?)

I’ve never heard of wireguard - but there are a couple of VPN’s that you can choose from in the advanced network option


Yes you can. According to https://blogs.gnome.org/thaller/2019/03/15/wireguard-in-networkmanager/ it should be in 1.0.16

Wireguard is fast, easy to configure and I have it running for a few months now. But since I am switching distro’s, I would like this to be manageable easily too.

I can import and use it using the nmcli

Ah - thanks for the link.

Right at the bottom was this bit:

Add WireGuard support to other NetworkManager clients, like nm-connection-editor.

So it is work-to-be-done - so as you say, the nmcli is in 1.16 - but the GUI part has not been done. Guessing here that it will be in 19.10.

Oh man, missed that… :grimacing: