Problem with budgie-network-manager-applet

Hi all.
I have a very strange problem. If i try to connect to new wifi ssid via budgie-network-manager-applet i see this:

if I connect to an already known network everything is fine.
at the same time through nmсli everything works well

hmm - that message is prompted when gnome’s network manager returns one of three states budgie-network-applet/AbstractWifiInterface.vala at master · UbuntuBudgie/budgie-network-applet · GitHub

Is there something special with your network setup? e.g. are you using an unmanaged config rather than the out-of-the-box netplan config?

Other than that suggestion thats the area of code that needs to be debugged to understand what is specific to your network that is not being understood and therefore defaulting to a failed wifi state.

The strange thing is that when connecting through the applet, the password for unknown networks is not requested. The logs show that the connection goes without a key - the access point ‘SSID’ is protected, but secrets are required. At the same time, if it occurs through nmcli, then there are no problems.
In general, I fixed it. While depending on the dependency budgie-network-manager-applet does not require network-manager-gnome, it was installing it that solved the problem.

hmm - that sounds very odd. How have you installed budgie? Was it from our ISO? Minimal install?

Just wondering if it was specfically network-manager-gnome or one/more of its dependencies that is actually needed Ubuntu – Details of package network-manager-gnome in jammy

I don’t know.
I installed it from full iso. Everything was probably fine until the last update. If I remember correctly, nothing was pulled up by dependencies, but I could be wrong

ok - thx. What version of Ubuntu are you using 20.04? 22.04? 22.10?

I’ll look to see if I can reproduce.

This version is 22.04.1