Wireless usb mouse not working after waking

Anyone else having this issue crop up recently? This combo has always worked since I installed but lately every time I wake the laptop up the wireless mouse will not work. I fiddle around with it for a bit and it starts working again after turning it on and off, plugging and unplugging, moving to another usb port, etc.

No idea why it is stopping and not really sure what in the fiddling around gets it back working because it seems to be different each time. No idea where to look or what commands to run to see what is up with this.

I keep it up to date so it is possible it was something in recent updates, I don’t know. Any guidance is appreciated because its annoying.

OK so I have been able to figure out this happens no matter what USB port I use. When the laptop sleeps it stops. Doesn’t matter if I close the lid or just let it stay open and turn off itself. Moving the dongle from that usb port to the next it takes right back off working every time so far.

I can’t remember where to look for this stuff to see if there is a setting I can change back to prevent this.

Anything here that helps?

Thanks yet again.

I didn’t really think this would help because power wakeup wasn’t really the problem. That never worked and I never cared enough to set up the power wakeup. I just got in the habit of tapping the space bar.

I never got annoyed until my mouse stopped automatically taking off working after waking up the laptop. That just stopped working and I assumed it was something with the last update or my wireless mouse setup starting to go out.

But so far, this has fixed that issue and it also now wakes it from sleep which is nice because I still do that every single time I sit down out of old habit lol.

So I will see how it goes the next few days. If it crops up again I will assume the mouse is going out and will try to pick up another just like it.

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