Wrong top panel icons with snap

When I install apps with snap such as Vlc I get wrong top panel icon in the AppIndicator Applet.
The second one by the left should be the VLC icon but I can only see a grey icon with a small red X.

looks to be a bug in the snap. The applet will only display the icon passed to it via the app - so for whatever reason, it isnt passing the correct icon to the applet.

Should be reported to the snap author

Note - I’m using the telegram snap and it is displaying its app icon correctly.

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I installed telegram with snap and icon it’s ok.
The issue is isolated to VLC.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I’m seeing this, too, but only on one of my computers. In fact, the icons for VLC and Chrome show up as something like the OP picture on my laptop. On my desktop, the VLC icon is it’s regular traffic cone icon.

I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see which source I used to install them on my laptop (which is in my office), though I’m sure it was from Software Center, as is the case on the desktop.

Yes Same Issue Here But For Me VLC Shows Wrong Icon In Notification…


Thank You…

issues with snaps should be reported to the snap author please.

Issues with apps should really be reported to the project issue tracker first to seek their advice.

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There are three instances of VLC in the Software Center when I look. It used to be two. At least one of them puts the “broken icon” in the panel. That’s the one I uninstalled and then installed the one called “VLC media player,” and that put the icon in the panel. When I look now, I have the third instance of VLC installed as well. I don’t know what that’s all about.

The one that baffles me is Google Chrome. That one used to have the correct icon in the panel. Since an update, it hasn’t. I have disabled it from running in the background for the time being; it’s not like I needed it running in the background anyway.

These were the only two apps giving me this issue. Both of them were installed via the Software Center.

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:wink:I Don’t Use The Software Center I Always Prefer To Use APT Package Manager Via Command Line…


Hello Dear, Please Look At This There Is An Issue With VLC …

NULL ? Its Previous Files… In Second Image I Closed The VLC But It Remains Here And Only Removed When I Start New Session.