Xiaomi Redmi phone not visible

Hey there,

Connecting my phone as USB-Device shows that in lsusb:

Bus 001 Device 082: ID 2717:ff40 Xiaomi Inc. Mi/Redmi series (MTP)

So the device is recogniced, but the device isn’t mounted in Nemo or the usb-applet shows up.

When logs are needed, plz let me know.

Thx for your help.


Just install go-mtpfs go to nemo computer:/// and the device will show click on, and its mounted.
you could also try to auto-mount details HERE but too much trouble.

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Thx AlistairG!

After installing go-mtpfs (with apt install go mtpfs) the phone appeared under computer:// as you mentioned.

Great support. I appreciate your help a lot.

Greets mike

NP, IMHO go-mtpfs should be installed by default then you wouldnt have this type of problem.