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18.04.1 Tests Awesome!


I’ve reinstalled the 18.04.1 and it works awesomely, as we all know it would. Good job Team Budgie :slight_smile: I installed on metal, logged on wifi, updated my software, mounted an exat usb,installed some .debian software and a couple of apps from the software centre. It suspends/wakes cleanly, and runs snaps like I knew it would. What other testing are you hoping for?

I changed the theme to Arc, installed a picture from file as my desktop image (a non-apple mountain)
OOPS! Spoke too soon, I’ve just lost my top bar after my snap of Krita launched. Maunally rebooted… and --the bar came back. Relaunching Krita 4.1.1 app, and the bar is still there - awesome.

Really, you;ve done a good job. Even apple’s stuff isn’t always bullet proof. Excellent. I admit to walking away from Budgie during the months that followed 18.04 - wifi issues on this machine made me try out other desktops. I’m back!


And it even looks all sorts of Apple os Mojave :slight_smile:


Brilliant testing. Many thanks for the confirmation.

Obviously 18.04.1 is now released - but feedback like this is much appreciated.