18.04.1 Tests Awesome!

I’ve reinstalled the 18.04.1 and it works awesomely, as we all know it would. Good job Team Budgie :slight_smile: I installed on metal, logged on wifi, updated my software, mounted an exat usb,installed some .debian software and a couple of apps from the software centre. It suspends/wakes cleanly, and runs snaps like I knew it would. What other testing are you hoping for?

I changed the theme to Arc, installed a picture from file as my desktop image (a non-apple mountain)
OOPS! Spoke too soon, I’ve just lost my top bar after my snap of Krita launched. Maunally rebooted… and --the bar came back. Relaunching Krita 4.1.1 app, and the bar is still there - awesome.

Really, you;ve done a good job. Even apple’s stuff isn’t always bullet proof. Excellent. I admit to walking away from Budgie during the months that followed 18.04 - wifi issues on this machine made me try out other desktops. I’m back!


And it even looks all sorts of Apple os Mojave :slight_smile:

Brilliant testing. Many thanks for the confirmation.

Obviously 18.04.1 is now released - but feedback like this is much appreciated.

Update on 18.04.2 update:
A huge update from the .1 release, almost 20 minutes to finish the update on my mac pro 1,1
It still looks like I’m on kernel 4.15.xx and the nautilus file manager. There was some discussion backporting the current nemo file manager? Would that be through a PPA or some other method? Anyways, nautilus still seems to be working the way I think it should, It’s being held back to an older version, I bet. LibreOffice just did a huge update…

Still working full install! I’m currently using this as a secondary computer under my work desk (sadly, I still use Windows 7 for work related software) but it runs current Inkscape/Krita app.image/Spotify flawlessly. My mac pro has that (known issue) very long boot/white window that all the older macs seem to have. I know there’s a solution involving blessing the efi boot with an Apple Install DVD, but geez whiz, those things are pretty hard to come by now. They used to be as ubiquitous as AOL CDs.
BTW, there’s a hurdle to jump getting this mac pro 1,1 to boot current 64 bit OS: In 2006, Apple had 64 bit CPUs but only 32 bit EFIs. A solution to this is found here, provided you still have access to blank DVDs and working DVD burner:


a big help to getting Ubuntu Budgie up and running on this 13+ year old machine!


Thanks for the feedback.

Since you are upgrading from 18.04.1 you will keep with the 4.15 kernel. You have the option to uplift to the HWE kernel which is currently 4.18 and in July will be v5.0. But if everything is working then why change?!

Nemo 4.0.6 is in our backports for 19.04. Nemo isn’t part of 18.04 UB so I am not intending to backport to earlier versions of UB.

yup, just thought I’d keep you in the loop. Good to know I can update the kernel to something a bit newer, but you’re right about the file manager – if it’s not broke, why fix it?

How many people keep the LTS? It seems a lot of people here switch over to the most current build as soon as humanly possible. (Myself included)

Actually - from the stats produced by Ubuntu - the vast majority of people stay on the LTS.

Only the most adventurous use the short 9 month releases.

WHAT?! Really? I only use the shiniest of shiny toys, the only reason I’ve kept my UB18.04 on this old mac pro is because I’m afraid of overwriting the 32 bit EFI solution.

Come Monday AM I will be updating the kernel to 4.18 BTW :slight_smile: