Unable to boot live environment or install 18.04 / 18.10 due to kernel, is there a way to update it?


I’m trying to install Ubuntu Budgie on a Ryzen Desktop and it keeps failing to even load the Try without installing desktop. Best I’ve achieved is the splash screen, which often freezes or simply shows the loading dots ceaselessly.

I have been unable to install any modern linux, however managed to get Ubuntu 16 installed by using nomodeset and acpi=off. Since then the system updated to kernel 4.15 and now fails to load. I am about to install kernel 4.18.7 to test. So far 4.13 works, but fails to shutdown.

Is there anyway I can update the Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 kernel to 4.18 without having it installed on my system?
If i dual boot budgie can grub use the kernal of my regular Ubuntu to launch Budgie?
And is there any difference between installing the Ubuntu Budgie from ISO vs installing Ubuntu 16, upgrading to 18 and then installing the Budgie DE?

Sorry for all the questions, new to linux and just spent last 3 days trying to get a working desktop.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

You basically have to unpack the ISO - install the latest kernel via a chroot and then repack the ISO.

… third party solutions also exist like this https://askubuntu.com/questions/824557/change-kernel-of-bootable-iso-file

18.10 will be shortly (new few days/week or so) uplifting the dailies to the 4.18 kernel - so you could try the ISO at that point.

The next point release of 18.04 in February will have the 4.18 kernel available in that ISO as well.

Thanks for your reply. I will try what the link suggests tomorrow.

As for today I installed kernel 4.18.7 via UKUU but upon reboot computer froze after selecting it from grub. :frowning: Not sure what I am doing wrong or if it is my mobo or what. Anyone else tried an Asus Prime 450m-k with Linux?

18.10 dailies now have kernel 4.18 installed - so you could try that to see if the live ISO works for you