Ubuntu 18.04 Budgie Latest Recommended Kernel Version

So I’ve been loving Budgie so far, however, i’ve experienced 2 really annoying issues. One has been solved:
NVIDIA 390 black screen .

The other needs a kernel update to be completely resolved. What’s the most recent, stable version of the kernel that works (relatively)flawless with the latest version of budgie?

Tis the bug in question: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1776887

That kernel bug report is rather interesting … lots of testing and retries although not resolved yet.

The top of the bug report says there is a workaround


When booting edit your grub line and add that kernel param

The report also says that it is fixed in the 4.17 kernel. So you could try the latest 4.17 mainline kernel

Personally try the suggested workaround first

Thanks I was hesitant to update the kernel without some advice. I’ll definitely try the workaround though.