18.04.4: GRUB & Boot sector CORRUPT

Hello, everyone,

after installing UB 64-bit GRUB offers no options (OSs) - only a command line.

WHY? How to fix it?



This sounds like a generic issue that is applicable to all flavours. As such our recommendation is to raise a question on ubuntuforums.org and/or askubuntu.com

Hi, @fossfreedom,

THANKS for your response.

Am I the only one in the world who noticed it? Don’t Canonical and UB team test installation ISOs before publishing them?

RIDICULOUS! Worse than m$ Losedows.



There are hundreds of thousands of installs - guesstimate that 99% go without a hitch.

So whatever issue you have is unique to your setup.

You haven’t given any details of your system - so no one can really answer.

For example.

  1. Are you dual booting?
  2. If yes - what OS are you dual booting with?
  3. If yes - what partitioning structure was the OS installed with?
  4. What options did you choose to install with?
  5. Is this a EFI or BIOS based computer?
  6. Are you installing a full image install?
  7. Are you installing a partitioned install
  8. … and more questions will arise once you start expanding your question.

and that is a ridiculous statement in itself. Anyone who wants to help you are doing things in their own free time.

I will point you at the AskUbuntu and Ubuntu Code of Conducts. Please ensure you understand these and adhere to these on any Ubuntu based forum. https://askubuntu.com/conduct https://ubuntu.com/community/code-of-conduct


  1. After trying to install UB I’m not booting at all. :grimacing: But yes, the initial intention was dual boot.
  2. Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  3. Dont’t remember exactly, probably single partition - HP default.
  4. Don’t remember - was a few weeks ago - but very likely nothing special, just standard.
  5. HP UEFI.
  6. Direct download. https://ubuntubudgie.org/downloads/
  7. If I recall it correctly, I let Ubu Installer to re-partition.

Canonical declared 110 000 000 U$D revenue in 2018. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canonical_(company)

I’m ready to support nice and helpful projects but not ones that completely deactivate my PCs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

post deleted - please keep things on-topic.

As previously advised - do use the wider Ubuntu forums - your question needs to expand much more with detail. As an aside - the current version of Ubuntu and all its flavours is 18.04.5 together with the much more recent (& recommended) 20.04.1