18.04 automatic suspending - shall we be green?


From GNOME 3.28 (I think) automatic suspension after 20 minutes of idle for BOTH AC power and on battery is enabled by default.

I presume this is a “lets be green” argument - not to be sniffed at!

So a very quick question today (and today only since I’m making package changes in that area today) - should suspension on AC be turned off/left at 20 minutes/changed to 2 hours.

Your choice!

  • Turn off
  • Leave
  • 2hrs

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Another option, longer time frame for plugged in. This is what I normally do.

Aye. 2hrs is the longest time frame that is allowed

My theory is… If plugging in, but still working - I suspect the user is not looking to have things like performance cut (laptop, battery, etc), screen blank out, etc. May be performing a long running task as well. But I guess caffeine helps with that.

To be honest, suspending after some time is good for the laptop when on battery. On desktop it is another story, but as @bashfulrobot said, we should keep the longer timeframe fron suspending when on AC power.

The 11 % … is me :slight_smile:

It really doesn’t matter. User will adjust to their liking anyhow.

The majority has spoken - we’ll leave the defaults as is - i.e. 20 minutes on AC. Obviously everyone can change the default.

Thanks for taking part.

Ok - I am going to monitor this bug-report


There is serious concern over unattended upgrades (e.g. when upgrading from 18.04 --> 18.10 or 18.04 --> 20.04) that may break if the computer suspends - and desktop users using ssh to access the desktop will be affected.

For the moment I’m going to change the default to “Never” suspend on AC Power. This may change depending upon whether that bug-report confirms those issues are effectively non-issues